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About Terry Austin 
While rummaging through book shelves in my father's office one day when I was a teenager I made a decision that I was going to write a book some day. It took a long time, but I accomplished that goal several times over. Holding the first copy of a book you have written is an amazing experience.  

As a publisher, I now have the opportunity of helping others realize this same sense of joy and satisfaction. The idea that someone cares enough about what you say that they will actually read your book is a great feeling. 
Sharon and I when we were much younger
Our family, also when we were much younger
Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams
I graduated from Wayland Baptist College and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I have worked a variety of jobs over the years, including radio newsman, phone salesman, and police dispatcher. You will notice from the photos that I when I was younger I walked on crutches. Now I use a wheelchair. It is the result of polio I contracted as a one-year-old, a long time ago. God has used my disability as a powerful teaching tool for me and others. 

The biggest blessing in my life is Sharon, who has been my wife for 40 years. We also have three sons and six grandchildren, each of them is unique and special. Our family is a source of love and acceptance. 

I have been a pastor for 13 years, a Christian church consultant for 14 years, and now a full-time book publisher. I love baseball and I love to laugh. I enjoy life and I think my spiritual gift is making people uncomfortable with the status quo, whatever that is in their world.